Tj-tresors.com accepts payments for bank cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX.

A. By credit card with Paypal

Paypal accepts the following bank cards:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cofinoga, Aurora, Maestro, Privilege, 4 stars…

This payment solution protects your banking information with the best systems on the market and enhances security against fraud.

Your bank details are not shared with us.

The Tj-tresors.com website does not have access to your credit card number.

All transactions are 100% secure with 3D-Secure (Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode™). It is a system used to verify the identity of the customer before he finalizes his purchase online, and that helps merchants reduce their online fraud.
With 3D-Secure, customers are redirected to a page designed by their bank, where they are asked to enter an additional password/personal code before their payment is validated.

B. By bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is 100% secure.

To pay by bank transfer please send your request to: contact@tj-tresors.com

If you choose this method of payment our bank details will be sent to you after the validation of your order.

You must make the bank transfer on the day of your order and send us a copy of the confirmation of the bank transfer made within a maximum of 24 hours so that we can prepare your order as quickly as possible.

If the confirmation of the bank transfer has not reached us within 24 hours your order will be automatically cancelled.

Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive your payment in our bank account.

C. Terms payment in multiple times

Payment in several times with Alma.
If you pay for your order multiple times, you agree to Alma’s customer terms and conditions. Alma’s special conditions for TJ TRESORS customers.

This payment is reserved exclusively for individuals whose home address is located in metropolitan France or in the DOM for all purchases between 100 and 2000 euros exclusively with the accepted Visa / MasterCard payment cards.

This service is offered after validating your cart by simple payment by bank card at no cost, and to send by email the following proofs: copy of the ID and proof of the residence less than 3 months.

We offer you to benefit from a payment facility in several times with our partner Alma: in 3 times or in 4 times with your credit card, visa, mastercard. This payment in 3 or 4 times is available for any order over $100 and up to a maximum of €2000. To date, the Alma solution is only available to customers with a credit card issued in France – both “classic” consumer bank cards, and business cards.

Payment in 3 times

With your CB, visa or mastercard, pay in 3 times. Fees represent one% of the amount of your order.

Please note that this method of payment is reserved for over 18s. The card’s validity date must be 2 months higher than the date of your order. The cardholder must be identical to the personal information entered.
The authorized limit of the purchase is 2000 euros.
Cards not accepted: Prepaid cards, virtual cards and systematic authorization.

In case you ask for a return
Once the return is accepted by us we will make a refund request from our financial partner for the amount of the item returned.

If your order contains only one item you will then be refunded for the first monthly payment and the following withdrawals cancelled.
If your order contains several items, your monthly payments will then be recalculated according to the rest due.
Funding granted subject to acceptance by ALMA SAS 176 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine – registered to RCS Nanterre under the number 839 100 575.

Discover the ALMA PAYMENT website

Payment will be accepted on the following cumulative terms only (on the day of your order):

Your account will need to be funded with the amount of the first maturity;

Your card’s expiry date must be higher than the date of your last monthly payment, 61 days after the order date.

Authenticate your identity by confirming the transaction by entering the confirmation code sent by your bank to the phone number you gave them.


For the purchase of 400 euros in 3x free of charge

Your seller will be as follows:

1st payment on the day of the order validatin – €184

2nd 30 days later – €108

3rd 60 days later – €108


File fee: €0

Execution of the contract:

By validating the payment request several times at no cost, you request the immediate execution of this contract.

In the event of a default on your part in the repayments, the seller may demand immediate repayment of the remaining principal due.

D. Retraction of Acceptance

In accordance with Article L.121-20-12 of the Consumer Code, after accepting this contract, you can re-enter your commitment by simple mail or letter in recommended (retraction slip “Payment in several times at no cost) in un 14 free days from the date of your order.

In the event of a retraction, the sale for which you have requested payment in several times without charge is resolved, unless the seller offers you another means of payment.

If the sale is resolved, the seller will refund you the full amount you paid for the payment in several times at no cost within 30 days of the return of the goods for sale.

Under no circumstances does the exercise of this right of withdrawal give rise to a record on a file.

In the event of a partial withdrawal of your order, the amount of your maturities will be adjusted to the new amount financed, unless advised otherwise by you.

In accordance with Article L311-3 of the Consumer Code, the offer of “payment 2 to 4 times without charge” is not subject to the provisions of Articles L.311-1 and the following of the Consumer Code, in particular because of the repayment period of no more than three months and the negligible costs collected under this contract.